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Due to feeling I was drowning once in the sea when I was about ten years old, I became afraid of any waves. I couldn’t go in the sea at all, even when it was calm, in case a wave came. I couldn’t watch anything on the TV or films with waves in, such as sealife or nature programmes. This included news clips showing high seas in local areas. The family just got used to it. I am a martial arts teacher and felt pretty stupid hiding behind cushions. Penny did the Rewind Technique which frankly was all a blur. Afterwards I went straight to her laptop and watched some clips of disaster movies involving waves. For the first time in 30 years I could watch but I noticed my head kept turning sideways even though I kept on looking. Penny said this was just a habit left over and now it has gone for good. I can swim in the sea again even when there are waves. I still remember that first panic when I was 10 but now it’s just an ordinary bad memory, not a fear, and sometimes I go in the sea and don’t think of it at all.

Kaz P


I was sent by my family for hypnosis because I was 18 stone 8 lb when I was 16. Now I am 13 st 5lb. I knew I was overweight on the scales but when I looked at myself I didn’t think I looked fat especially as I’m tall. I think now that this was because I wanted to just keep on eating because I felt low about college and other things. Also a lot of girls my age are big so I didn’t really see it as a problem.

I was annoyed when Penny asked me to fill in a food diary because I felt everyone was picking on me and I felt even more depressed. Penny noticed this and listened to me. She did some hypnosis on depression. I started to feel better so then we did the “Think Slim Be Slim” course. Penny said I’d lose 1-3 lb a week and for me it was usually 2lb.

After 5 weeks of seeing Penny once a week with my diaries I was in a routine with exercises and eating healthily. Penny talked to my family to get them on board. I had a booster session now and again with Penny because this went on for months. I had another session with her when I got to 14 stones. Now I am hoping to get to 13 stones soon

Rosie F

I had quite a few problems with my relationship with my fiance. I was always slightly overweight but my anxiety about the relationship made me so upset I started overeating for comfort. It made my worries even worse as the pounds went on. My fiance said I was needy. Penny showed me how to imagine myself the way I really wanted to be, physically and mentally, and we worked on my self confidence, not just my weight. I lost 9 lbs over 5 weeks which was just what I wanted to lose. I went through ups and downs about my engagement during that time, and it surprised me that the upset only made my resolve to.lose weight grow stronger. Perhaps this was because the programme distracted me really well. Also I had quite a bit of homework and Penny always made a point of checking it. Now I stick up for myself more, as well as being healthy and at my ideal weight.

Charlotte J



I saw Penny for smoking cessation hypnotherapy. She was extremely patient with me despite the fact that I cancelled our first session several times.because I wasn’t sure I was ready to give up. Penny said I would know when I was sure. I was a medium smoker who’d smoked for approximately 18 years and I was apprehensive at the start of our sessions. I never smoked once after Stop Smoking Day though I wanted to but the therapy prepared me for these cravings. They went much quicker than I expected. Now, one month later I have kicked the habit and never look back. Thanks Penny. You were right, it. worked!

James L


I am 17 and last year had a panic attack at the cinema after drinking a few cans of Red Bull. That started it off and in the end I was inside all day for 6 months because I had an attack every time I went out. Penny told me all these facts about panic attacks, that they dont kill you, because I thought I was going to die. We did this relaxation thing imagining I was walking in the country. I thought it was a bit weird but it was OK. Penny said to walk round my area with my mum. We went to a bus stop then I walked to the next one on my own. Then she joined up and we did the same for about four bus stops. I was feeling the fluttering once, but it went away. The next time at Penny’s we did some more exercises where I was looking at a screen in my head. Then I walked home from Pennys house to my mum’s. It’s two streets away but I felt fine on my own. After that it got a lot better. I only went twice. Now I’m at college again.

George M



Working front of house in a very fast moving office meant that I was I constantly under pressure during my work hours. My attitude became very hostile and verging on aggressive, having to be calm and polite to the clients meant I was becoming very intolerant towards my colleagues. This then started to affect my mood at home and I would snap at my family for the smallest of things.

When I saw Penny for the first time she allowed me to discuss all the reasons why I was feeling increasingly agitated – which up until that point I had never really done or had the time to – this alone was beneficial. However we did something called Parts Therapy which highlighted areas of my persona that were totally taking over my moods. She also gave me some NLP exercises to practice before I saw her again.

Using the routine exercises I had been given I started to be able to control my moods which had a knock on effect on my whole temperament meaning work life is so much more manageable and family life is now enjoyable.

I found the most helpful element of Penny’s therapy was her knowledge of all types of counselling enabling NLP/CBT and hypnosis to be explored. I found the most beneficial type of therapy for me in particular was NLP. However I also felt comfortable enough with Penny to be hypnotised & contrary to my initial fears of hypnosis I wasn’t spellbound & unaware of my actions. I was just able to truly relax for the first time in months.

I would highly recommend Penny, When I first saw her I didn’t feel I was at breaking point, I just knew I needed to speak to someone before I got there.

Lorraine G



I used to spend all day crying. I tried everything. I think it was my bad childhood and Penny let me talk about that. I told her things I have never told anyone else. Sometimes she asked me to list my thoughts on a form. That was CBT and I was surprised I liked doing that. Then we’d discuss the forms and I found out I was always doing the same things, looking on the dark side or blaming myself. I realised a lot of my depression was guilt even when I had done nothing to be blamed for. Penny showed me how easy it was to get out of these habits. We played “The blaming game” which did make me laugh. I enjoyed my sessions including the hypnosis because I have never felt so relaxed for years. I still fight depression but it is much much better and I hardly ever cry now, just get on with things till I feel my mood lifting.

Stella H



I work in the legal profession and while I very much enjoy my job, it is stressful and pressured a lot of the time. Having hypnotherapy with Penny has really helped me manage these feelings that have at times threatened to overwhelm me. Penny always presents as very calm and genuinely understands and wants to help. Her sessions allow me to ‘switch off’ and experience deep relaxation. She has also introduced various Emotional Freedom and NLP techniques to release feelings of stress/anxiety which I am able to use whenever and wherever I am. Although I can’t eliminate stress from my work-life l now have the necessary tools to take control of it. I would confidently recommend Penny to anyone.

Stephanie W



Three years ago I spent time with Penny to help with my OCD and anxious thoughts and feelings which were stopping me from doing my job properly and keeping my business going. The cognitive strategies and guidance from Penny taught me to think in a different way. Three years on I am now coping very well with who I am and my OCD. The lessons have stayed with me and I continue to practice the strategies and mindfulness whenever I need to. I will always be grateful to Penny for her help and guidance through a difficult time.

Sam N



When I first saw Penny I was suffering from acute anxiety with an element of depression. I was unable to leave the house because of panic attacks and I had lost masses of weight because I couldn’t eat properly. A few years before, my daughter had taken her own life and I had carried on working for 3 years, trying to distract myself. I didn’t work through the issues, so that when I retired, all the bad memories and unanswered questions came flooding back. I had known Penny when we worked together years before in the NHS and heard she had a practice so I contacted her. I found Penny to be an excellent therapist. She was very understanding and showed empathy that I was not able to get from other professionals. After a few weeks of therapy my mood started to change and I was much more positive. I began eating again and was soon able to go out. My panic attacks did not return. Penny did NLP and some CBT for negative thought patterns. The hypnotherapy was very soothing. Penny taught me how to live again. She said she was putting me back in touch with my own natural resources but it is my true belief that she saved my life because I was so physically ill, was getting worse, and had no confidence in myself before my therapy started..

Anna T

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